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Main Neck Lift Procedures

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There are three different types of Neck Lift surgery; each type of procedure is designed to correct the problems a potential patient may have.

The following list includes the most common factors that neck lift patients usually experience as mentioned before in the Candidates section:

  • The Turkey waddle neck problem (the surgeon may correct this problem by performing a Platysmaplasty neck surgery)
  • Excess skin with a sagging and unhealthy look (Cervicoplasty surgery was designed to deal with this specific problem)
  • Excessive fatty tissues within the neck region, giving the double chin appearance (Neck liposuction is the best solution to solve this issue)


Platysmaplasty is a traditional neck lift surgical procedure in which Dr. Sam Rizk, a NYC based top facial plastic surgeon recommends. This technique was designed to specifically deal with the turkey waddle neck issue (a loose-sac like in the front view of the neck). For the Platysmaplasty neck lift procedure, it normally takes about 2-3 operating based hours unless it is a more complicated case or combined with another type of surgery.

During the surgery, the surgeon usually removes and/or alters the neck muscle bands before making small incisions behind the patient’s ears or under the chin or sometimes both. Dr. Rizk also suggests the less invasive platysmaplasty neck lift procedure, which he pioneered by incorporating 3D high definition endoscopes technology within the surgical procedure in order to help speed up the recovery period.

After the surgeon has made incisions, he/she is using his/her surgical tools accordingly in the manipulation or realigning of the patient’s neck bands and in rare cases, the surgeon may need to remove some of the muscles in order to eliminate the unwanted muscle bands in the surgical site. After removal of the unnecessary muscle bands, Dr. Rizk prefers the use of the Endotine ribbon bands and various types of tissue glues to hold the muscle bands in their positions and redraping the surgical site afterward. The Endotine ribbon and tissue glues are useful aides to speed up the recovery process and assist the patients to experience less pain, bruising and swelling after the post-operative period.


Cervicoplasty surgery deals mainly with the problem of excess skin in the neck area due to aging or weight loss. Cervicoplasty surgery is similar to platysmaplasty surgery, as the small incisions are made under the patient’s chin and behind the ears or in some cases only one of these locations are required.

After the incisions are made, the surgeon eliminates or trims the unwanted excess skin around the neck area before repositioning them back to their own origins and securing the surgical sites by using the permanent sutures and tissue glues. After the surgery is complete, the surgeon will apply an elastic bandage around your neck and head in order to reduce the swelling and discomfort and also help to accelerate the recovery process.

Neck Liposuction

New York Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk recommends that in all cases of neck lift surgery, if a patient has excess fat in the neck area, then neck liposuction is the first requirement. Neck liposuction is a common surgical procedure to help necks look better and leaner for those who have a double chin or fatty neck problem. During the liposuction process, the surgeon makes small incisions underneath the patient’s chin, and then removes the unwanted extra fat before stitching them back into place. Dr. Rizk recommends this procedure to younger patients with good skin elasticity as it may not be appropriate for older patients with looser skin.

Dr. Rizk, Top NYC based Facial Plastic Surgeon highly recommends other surgeons to incorporate the use of 3D high definition endoscopes (a small tube with a camera). When inserted inside the patient’s neck, the surgeon can achieve precision and increase accuracy, resulting in acceleration of the patient’s healing process. Neck liposuction and other types of facial plastic surgeries can be combined at the same time and carried out as a one-operation based surgery, such as the neck liposuction with the lower facelift, the partial facelift with neck lift and neck liposuction or the neck liposuction with a full facelift.