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Internet Consultation

Dr. Rizk is well known for his skill and expertise in providing facelifts. Due to his training in face and neck surgery and his many years of experience, Dr. Rizk is highly sought after for necklift procedures. Not only does he treat patients in the local New York community, but he also frequently works with patients who live outside of NY. Many of these patients are not able to travel to Dr. Rizk’s Manhattan office to undergo an initial consultation with him in person. To serve the needs of his out-of-town patients, Dr. Rizk has created a unique internet consultation process to eliminate the need for patients to travel to NYC before their surgery. If you are interested in our internet consultation process, please review the steps below. You are welcome to contact our office with any questions about the process.

Deliver Your Information and Photos to Our Office

First, download and print the patient registration form. Be sure to answer all of the questions as completely and accurately as possible. Don’t forget to sign the form in the appropriate places. After this, scan the form and save the file to your computer, so you can email it to Dr. Rizk later.

Next, you’ll need to take 6 photos of your face and neck. Dr. Rizk will use these photos to determine whether you are an ideal candidate for a necklift and to plan the approach for your surgery. As such, you must ensure that the photos are very clear and accurately convey your appearance. Be sure that the photos are in focus, well lit (to avoid shadows), and taken against a plain background. Your face and neck should fill the majority of the frame. Please provide photos from the following 6 angles:

  • Front view (face the camera straight on)
  • Left profile view (showing the outline of your face with your head turned to the left)
  • Right profile view (showing the outline of your face with your head turned to the right)
  • Left three-quarters view (turn your face at a 45°angle to the left so that three-quarters of your face is visible)
  • Right three-quarters view (turn your face at a 45°angle to the right so that three-quarters of your face is visible)
  • Base view (tilt your chin slightly upwards so the base of your nose and chin are seen)

The last step is to email the photos and patient registration form to

Dr. Rizk’s Review and Evaluation

Dr. Rizk will review your information and then decide if a necklift would be of benefit to you. He will detail the revisions that he recommends and create a quote for the cost of the surgery.

Our office will then email you this information. You can expect to receive a response from our office within 10 days, and usually much sooner.

Phone Consultation

Many of our patients wish to discuss the recommendations provided in the internet consultation with Dr. Rizk. We are happy to arrange a phone consultation for a fee of $300. Should you proceed with your neck lift; the fee will be credited towards your procedure.

If you have any further questions about the process for a necklift internet consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!