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Who is the Best Candidate for Neck Lift Surgery?

A good candidate for neck lift surgery should be someone who is generally in good health both physically and mentally. If they are smokers, they should stop smoking at least two weeks pre-operation and two weeks post-operation. The candidate should be at least 18 years old, feels self-conscious about their appearance, and wants to improve their self-esteem and regain self-confidence based on realistic goals and expectations.

If you have one or more of the following issues, you may consider yourself a candidate for a neck lift procedure:

  • A turkey-waddle neck (a baggy or loose-sac like appearance in the front view of the neck)
  • Are having a problem with extra and sagging looking skin around the neck
  • Problem of having excess fat around the jaw line that connects to the neck area that has created a double chin and round jaw.

If a candidate decides to undergo neck lift surgery, the first thing to do is online research, looking at before and after pictures, reading reviews of doctor(s) and talking with his/her previous patient(s) in order to find the appropriate surgeon who performs neck lift on a regular basis (performs neck lift procedures at least two or more times per week) and is in the surgeon’s field of expertise. After finding the right surgeon, the potential patient should set up a pre-operative consultation with the surgeon in order to ensure your decision with an expert.

During the pre-operative consultation, the surgeon may be required to review your medical history, including the medications used and vitamin or herbal supplements intake, in order to adjust or cease them prior to the surgery. Some surgeons may ask you to do lab tests to ensure your current health conditions are stable and he/she will go over the possibility of risks and complications that may occur. The patient needs to come with realistic expectations and discuss clearly with your surgeon in order for him/her to create a treatment plan right for you.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that any goals, expectations, or outcomes from cosmetic surgery should be based on having an improvement - not perfection.


Voted by peers to New York Magazine's 2013 Top Doctors -
Facial Plastic Surgery; Rhinoplasty Revision; and Nasal Surgery.

New York Magazine's 2013 Top Doctors - Facial Plastic Surgery; Rhinoplasty Revision; and Nasal Surgery.


Dr. Sam Rizk is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon who specializes only in plastic surgery of the face and neck and his practice is limited only to the head and neck region. He is board certified by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.


Dr. Rizk takes his time with each surgery and books extra time for each surgery. Facial plastic surgery to Dr. Rizk is as much an art as it is a science. This is why Dr. Rizk asks his patients to be patient if they cannot get an appointment right away or if there is a wait list scheduling surgery. Dr. Rizk does not squeeze patients in - this is NOT a conveyer belt. This is your face so he advises patients NOT to RUSH into surgery.


Widely respected for his advanced minimally invasive application of ground breaking surgical techniques, Dr. Sam Rizk's approach is based on philosophy that each individual procedure is tailored and customized to the individual needs of each patient. He uses minimally invasive endoscopic techniques to reduce downtime. Dr. Rizk is focused not only on a natural result but also on the speed of a patient's recovery. To optimize this intent Dr. Rizk uses preoperative as well as intraoperative and postoperative minimally invasive techniques and medications to achieve this rapid healing.


About Neck Lift Surgery

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A neck lift is a cosmetic surgery that was designed to help the surgeon in order to improve the patient’s sagging skin, extra fat or loose muscles underneath the chin that connects to the neck region. The appearance of the neck area sometimes looks like a turkey-waddle or double-chin that may result from aging, weight loss or heredity.

Dr. Rizk Featured in Harper's Bazaar, December 2012 - The New Neck-Lifts

Dr. Rizk Featured in Harper's Bazaar, December 2012 - "The New Neck-Lifts"

The Wall Street Journal - Safest Facelifts with Facelift Expert Surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk - Achieving the Natural Look

The Wall Street Journal - Safest Facelifts with Facelift Expert Surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk - Achieving the Natural Look

The neck is one of the first areas that show signs of aging, even with people who have had weight loss may have a side effect of having extra loose skin from loss of elasticity. Neck lift surgery is often referenced as a chin or neck liposuction, in which the surgeon sometimes need to eliminate the extra fat, tightens the loose and sagging skin and often combines the procedure with a lower facelift surgery and carried out as a one-operation process for complete harmony. Dr. Sam Rizk, a New York based facial plastic surgeon, says that chin implant surgery is combined with neck lift surgery about 30 percent of the time to achieve total neck and facial harmony and balance.

NYC Top Facial Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sam Rizk suggests that patients in their late 40’s should consider opting for a better look by receiving a lower facelift and neck lift combined in order to refine the jaw line and the neck region, while patients in their early 40’s are better suited for an isolated necklift. Patients in their 50’s and above are commonly undertaking a complete facelift and neck lift combined in a one-operation process to achieve a rejuvenating look. Younger patients in their 20’s or 30’s are better suited for neck liposuction or a chin implant.

However, Dr. Sam Rizk also feels that there is no ideal age for people who are suffering or unhappy with their double-chin or fatty neck and need a neck liposuction in order to improve their appearances.

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